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When choosing a combi boiler, it's critical to choose a reputable brand that won't fail, as well as one that is the appropriate size and fit for your home.

A unreliable combi boiler will fail prematurely and will almost certainly require costly repairs on a regular basis. On average, a boiler repair costs nearly £200 (Which? poll, 2021). As a result, it pays to invest in a dependable one.

Additionally, an oversized combi boiler will result in you paying more for heating and hot water than necessary, while an undersized one will provide an insufficient flow of hot water to your taps and radiators. The most straightforward way to determine the size of boiler you require is by counting the number of radiators in your home.

Less than 10 Radiators -> under 27 kW Boiler
10 to 15 Radiators -> 28 – 34 kW Boiler
More than 15 Radiators -> over 34kW Boiler

This is a rudimentary guide. After conducting a thorough heat loss survey of your home, a fully trained BRB Heating engineer will be able to size your boiler and offer a quote in the moment.